The most important among the many things in a phone are the contacts. In this post, transferring contacts from iPhone to Android phone will be explained. Luckily, transferring contacts from iPhone to Android phone can be done in a very straight forward manner.

tansfer iphone contacts to android

Although there are apps available to do this contacts transfer from iPhone to Android, the very basic method which is going to be explained in this post requires nothing more than a computer and an internet connection to it. The old iPhone with contacts and the new Android phone are also needed, of course!

To transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phone:

As Android uses the user’s Gmail account to store all the contacts from the phone, in the same way, the contacts from the iPhone are stored into the iCloud.

1. So, first in the computer’s web browser, go to

2. Log in into the website using the Apple ID and password.

3. Click on contacts. Then in the bottom left corner of the browser’s window, click on settings (the gear icon).

4.  Click on “Export vCard” option.

This vCard file consists of the contacts of the iPhone.

The computer will ask where to save the vCard file. select appropriate location in the computer that is easy to remember. Because, this file is needed to copy the contacts into the Android phone.

5. Now, head on to in the web browser. In the top left side of the screen, “Gmail” with a drop down arrow will be present . Click on that arrow and in the drop down that appears, select “Contacts” (refer the picture given).


6. when the contacts page opens, click on “More” and select “import contacts”.

import iPhone contatcs to Gmail

7. then a windows opens in Gmail asking the user to select the file from which the contacts have to be copied. Click on “Choose files” and select the vCard file that was exported from iCloud and stored in the computer previously.

8. When the required file is selected, click on the blue  “import” option.

import contatcs in to gmail from iPhone

9. Then, Google starts copying all the contacts from the vCard file and stores it in Gmail contacts.

10. After all the contacts are copied into Gmail, go to “settings” -> “Accounts” -> Google  in the Android phone and add the Gmail account that is used to store the contacts.

11. If this Gmail account is already added to the Android phone, then “sync contacts” option is to be selected.

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The process of transferring contacts from iPhone to Android phone cannot be easier than this! Try it now.

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