Whenever windows phone is upgraded to 8.1 or if the phone has been reset due to some reasons, or if a new Windows phone is bought, user can restore his old Settings, apps, text messages, email, passwords, photos, videos and other data into the  upgraded or the new Windows phone. But for doing so, first creating a backup is mandatory.

restore windows phone

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In this post, the way to restore the data that was taken backup into the Windows phone 8 or Windows phone 8.1 will be explained. If the back up of data is done into the cloud (as explained in the previous article) that is, into OneDrive of the Microsoft account that was added to the Windows phone primarily, then the restoration of data back into the phone from OneDrive will require an internet connection to the phone. If the data to be restored is large, then it can consume time. So it is wise to connect the phone to the internet using Wi-Fi rather using mobile internet data plan.


To restore data into Windows Phone :

Follow the given steps to restore the data back into the old Windows phone after an upgrade, or into a new Windows phone:

1. Start the setup process of the new Windows phone or the upgraded Windows phone.

2. Sign in into the Windows phone with the same Microsoft account that has been used previously to create the backup.

3. During the setup process the user will be asked about restoring the backup data into the phone.

4. Tap on the backup file that is desired to be copied into the phone and tap on “Next”.

5. Sometimes, the user will be asked to verify the Microsoft account provided. Then enter the Security code given and tap on “Next”.

6.  Then, to restore the accounts that have been taken backup the phone will ask to provide their passwords. Enter the password for the respective account and tap on  “Next”.

7. If the user wishes to restore the email accounts later, then “Skip” needs to be tapped.

8. Then tap on “Done”.  The restoration process will be complete.

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