web page not available in android

Sometimes, the Android phone shows “web page not available” message when we try to access internet from the phone. This can happen when trying to access the internet through the mobile data plan of the phone provided by the phone’s network provider or when accessing the web through the Wi-Fi.

This article will give out some of the reasons for the occurrence of the problem while trying to access the internet with the mobile data plan and possible ways to solve it.

  •  First, check if the option to access the internet through the mobile data plan has been enabled in the phone or not.
    This can be done by going to “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Wireless & networks”  and in this, check if the option “Mobile Network” is enabled or not. If it is enabled, a tick mark should appear in the box beside it. If there is no tick mark, select it and make sure the tick mark appears.
    Now the internet should probably work. If it does not then read the tips given below to find a suitable solution.
  • Next thing to do is check if the mobile data plan has expired or if the data has all been used. If this is the case, then there is absolutely no problem with the phone.The mobile data plan has to be renewed and the problem might be solved.
  • If the problem still persists, then switch off the phone, wait for 2-3 min and then switch it on again. In some cases, this problem may occur due to some temporary software glitch.
    If the phone has a removable battery, then remove the battery from its place without switching off the phone. This acts as a soft reset and this can fix any minor problems in the phone’s software.
    Now, try browsing again through the android phone. If it is successful, then fine. If not, continue reading.
  • It can be problem of the web browser that is used to access the internet. Sometimes, the home page of the internet browser used in the phone has a problem and so it will not load any of the URL the user types in. So it is better to check if the phone’s  web browser is working properly or not. This can be done by entering the URL of a website that is constantly active (choose from one the active search engines like google.com or search.yahoo.com or some other).  Make sure that no mistakes are done when typing the website’s URL.
    If the web page of the site that is entered loads on the phone, then it is clear that there is no issue with the phone or the mobile data plan. Its just the browser’s home page that’s causing the problem. This can be solved by changing the browser’s home page to some website that will always load no matter what.
  • If the browser does not load the page of the active site also, then it is necessary to check some settings of the Android phone. If the phone receives a low signal at the place where the phone is used to access the internet, then try again in a place where there is a good signal strength. If the browser works fine at a place with good signal, then the browser displaying “web page not available” at a place with lower signal strength is the problem on the network provider’s side and they should be notified about it.
    If the browser still displays “web page not available” error in place with good signal, then check some more settings given below in the phone.
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi on the phone is not turned on because the user is trying to access the internet through the mobile data plan and hence this is to make sure that the Wi-Fi connection does not interfere and load the web page while the user is trying to trace out the problem. This can create a misconception that the problem is solved when actually it has not!
  • Make sure that the airplane mode is not turned on in the phone. Because setting the phone in this mode cuts the phone from receiving any signal from the network provider and so that might be the cause for the webpage to not load.
  • If the web pages load while on Wi-Fi but not while on the mobile data plan, then it is also possible that the phon’e APN settings must be reset. Going APN settings depends on the make and model of the Android phone, but it is basically found by going into the “Settings” of the phone , then selecting “Wireless & networks” and in that, search for an option that looks like “Proxy” or “APN” or “Access Point Names” and then reset or clear them depending on the option available on the phone.
    After the APN/Proxy settings are reset, then reboot the phone by switching it off and then switching it on.

The tips to solve the “web page not available” problem while connecting through Wi-Fi will be given in the coming posts.

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