The process to sync videos from iTunes software to the iPad is very straight forward. For this, the user need to have iTunes installed in their computer.

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Sync iPad with iTunes:

1. Download the latest version of iTunes for Windows XP, vista or 7 from here: iTunes

2. After downloading the setup file from iTunes, connect the iPad to the computer by the USB cable that comes along with the iPad when it is purchased.

3. Then the iTunes should open automatically when the device is connected. If it does not, then launch iTunes manually by selecting the program from the computer.

4. The sync process of the iPad with the iTunes should start automatically now. If it does not start, then click on “File” menu on the top left corner of the windows of the iTunes in the computer. In the drop down list, an option “Sync Device name” will appear. Select it and the sync process of the iPad with iTunes will begin.


sync itunes with ipad


Transfer videos in the computer to the iTunes:

Now, to sync videos into iPad from iTunes, first the video files in the computer should be made available to iTunes.

So to add video files to the iTunes library, first the settings of iTunes should be such that the content that will be copied from the computer shoulg go to  the “Movies” section of the iTunes library.

1. To do that, click on the Advanced tab in the header file of the iTunes window. change the settings to ” Copy files to the iTunes Movies folder when adding to library”.

2. Then, click on “File” again. In the drop down options list, there will be “Add file to Library” and “Add Folder to Library” (see the first picture).

2. If the user wishes to sync only one video file into his iPad, then select “Add file to Library”.

If  a folder consisting of multiple video files have to be transferred to the iPad, then select “Add Folder to Library”.

3. Then the user will be prompted to navigate through the computer’s folders and select the files that need to be added to the Movies folder in the iTunes Library.

Sync videos from iTunes to the iPad:

Completing all the aforesaid steps, it’s time to sync videos from iTunes to the iPad.

1. CLick on “Movies” in the Library menu that appears in the iTunes window.

It is not necessary that all the tabs like TV shows Podcasts etc., should appear in every user’s library menu. If the user’s iTunes library does not contain any files corresponding to Podcasts, then that option will not be displayed.

2. After clicking on the Movies tab, click on “Sync Movies” and make sure that a tick mark appears. Then, the list of video files in the iTunes library will be shown.

4. To sync all the videos that are in the Movies library, select “all” in the “automatically include” option below the “Sync Movies” option and make sure there will be a tick mark beside it.

5. When the user selects “all” then all the videos will be selected. Instead, the user can also select the videos individually by not selecting the automatically include option.


sync videos to ipad from itunes


6. then click on the “Sync” / “Apply” option in the bottom right corner of the itunes window and the transfer of the selected videos starts automatically.

When the sync process is completed, users will get a notification below the header menu of iTunes window. Then, the iPad can be disconnected from the computer.


itunes movie sync notification

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