Taking backup of  “Blackberry 10” phones is given in the previous post.Click here to read it: Backup of Blackberry phones using Blackberry Link
In this post, how to backup Blackberry phone using the Blackberry desktop manager is given.

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Blackberry desktop manager:

To start with, user needs to have the latest version of the blackberry desktop manager installed in the computer. Get the latest version of desktop manager here: Blackberry desktop manager. Download and install the desktop manager software in the computer. Then launch/run the software by double-clicking on its desktop icon.

Connect the blackberry device to the computer using the USB sync cable. Once the phone is recognized by the software, a pop up window will appear on the computer screen asking the user if he wants to connect the mass media storage of the phone too. This is nothing but asking the user if he wishes to back up the contents of the phone’s memory card or not. Select the desired option “Yes” or “No” and then the desktop manager window will be opened.


In the desktop manager window, in the centre, there will a “Backup” option. User can click on this option or to the left of the screen, the name of the blackberry phone that is connected to the computer will be displayed. Click on that name and in the options that appear, choose “Backup”.

blackberry desktop manager 2

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On choosing “Backup” , a new window with a list of backup options appears. Among the options “Full” , “Quick” and “Custom” are displayed , it is better to select “Full” because it will take backup of all the files in the phone so that the user will not miss  taking backup of any file.

Below these options, there will be File options to let the user choose where the backup file should be stored. After every thing is done, click on the “Backup” option at the bottom of the window and the backup process automatically starts. When the backup process completes, the user will get a notification and then he can disconnect the device from the computer.


Connect the blackberry phone into which the back up data needs to be restored and then double click on the desktop manager icon to launch/run it.

In the top left corner of the window, “Device” option appears with a drop down arrow beside it. Click on that arrow and select “restore” option. Then the software will prompt the user to select the data that is to be transferred to the phone. The user can select to transfer all the device data or he can customize the data selection.

blackberry desktop manager3

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After selecting the required data, click on the “Restore” button at the bottom of the window. A warning will be displayed saying that the current data in the phone will be replaced. Click on “Yes”  to continue restoration and the restoration progress bar will appear. After the data is restored, a confirmation dialogue box appears saying that the restoration is complete and the device can then be disconnected.

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