It is always advisable to have a backup copy of the data in a mobile phone. This comes to our rescue if the phone suddenly starts behaving in a irregular manner or if there arises a need to reset/format the phone.

blackberry 10

In this post, let us see how to back up the data of a blackberry phone into a computer and restore it when necessary.

Blackberry Link:

To backup the data of a blackberry phone, users first need to have the “Blackberry link” software installed in their computer.Blackberry Link is a desktop application software that acts as a medium to sync the Blackberry phone and the computer. To get Blackberry Link for Windows, click here: Blackberry Link

Start Up:

After installing, run the Blackberry Link program on the computer.If it is the first time of using the Blackberry link, then the user needs to sign in using his Blackberry ID and then have to go through some setup process.

After blackberry link is completely installed on the computer, connect the blackberry device using a micro USB cable (that came along with the phone when it is bought) to the computer. The device should then be recognized by in Blackberry Link. Once it is recognized, then click on settings (the gear shaped icon) on the right of the computer screen.

In the settings options that open up on the screen, click on the “Select data to include in your backup files” box and make sure that a tick mark appears on that option box. After that, select and tick mark those files that are to be taken back up. It is best to select all the boxes like media, settings, applications so that the user does not miss out on something important.

On the extreme left of the computer screen, three options namely “Backup” , “Restore data” and “Remove device” will be present.

Taking Backup:

Out of those three options, select “Backup” to take backup of the selected data from the Blackberry device. The backup process will start immediately. It takes some time to finish the process and the phone should not be used until it is done.

Once taking backup of all the selected data in the device is completed, a confirmation dialogue box will appear on the computer screen and then the user can disconnect the Blackberry phone from the computer.

Below given is a screenshot of the settings page. Clcik on the image to have a clear view.

blackberry link

Restoring the data into the phone:

Restoring data into a blackberry device becomes necessary when it is anew phone or when the phone is restored to factory settings.

The process of restoring the data back into the phone is similar to the backup process.

Open up the Blackberry link software on the computer, connect the phone with the micro USB cable, go to the settings page : just like how it was done to take back up from the phone.

From the  three extreme left options, select “Restore data” option and the restoring process starts immediately.

NOTE: The Blackberry Link software works only for the latest “Blackberry 10” devices.

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