While trying to uninstall an app from the Android phone, sometimes the user gets the error message “uninstall not successful”.

uninstall not successful in android

Before moving to how this error can be solved, given below are the steps on how to uninstall an app from an Android phone.

Uninstall Apps:

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications

In the applications that display on the screen, the user has to select that app he wishes to remove from the phone and tap on “uninstall” in the options.

Normally, following the above steps should result in uninstallation of that particular app selected. But sometimes “uninstall not successful” is the error message that appears on the screen of the Android phone which implies that the app selected to be removed is not removed from the phone.

Pre-Loaded Apps:

Firstly, make sure that the app that is selected to be uninstalled is not any pre-loaded app. Pre-loaded apps are those, which come installed in the phone when the user buys it. These pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled by the user.

To check if the app selected to be uninstalled is not one of the preloaded apps, go to Settings -> Applications -> manage applications and then make sure that the”downloaded” tab at the top of the phone screen is selected.

Then the apps that get displayed are those that are installed by the user and he has the full rights to uninstall them. Now, try again to uninstall the desired app. If the same error repeats, then follow the methods given below to solve the problem.

Administrator privileges:

Some apps have a condition that only the administrator can uninstall them. So first the user has to make sure that he has the admin privileges on the phone.

To do that, go to Settings -> Location and Security (some phones may have this option as just “Security” ) ->tap on Device Administrators.

Now go back to Settings -> Applications ->Manage applications ->Downloaded -> select the app to be uninstalled ->tap on “uninstall”.

Using File manager:

If the app is uninstalled from the phone after the admin privileges have been activated, then the problem is solved. But if the error message “uninstall not successful” still appears on the screen, then install a file manager from the Google play store.

A file manager named “Android Assistant” has been discussed in a previous post : ” USB storage full” solution in Android

Read the post for details or proceed to install the app here: Install Android Assistant

Using the file manager option in the Android Assistant, find the app that is to be uninstalled and then delete any file relating to that app completely from the phone.

Factory reset:

If nothing mentioned above works for the phone, then resetting the phone to factory settings might help with the problem as this can eliminate minor software issues of he phone.

But before proceeding with the factory reset of the phone, it is necessary to take back up of all the phone’s data. To know how to backup the Android phone data and how to proceed with the hard rest of the phone have been discussed in the previous posts. They can be read here:

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