To backup all the contacts from iPhone, users now have a free app called “My Contact Backup” available on the iTunes for free to download and install. This app has the following features in taking backup of the contacts from iPhone:

iphone contacts backup

  • No internet connection required. This app emails the file consisting of all the contacts to the user specified email address.
  • Restoring the contacts back into the phone is easy. It does not require any other app to restore the backup file.
  • This app can be used not only on iPhone, but also on iPad and iPod touch.
  • A reminder can be set within the app so that the user gets reminded periodically to take backup of the phone’s contacts. Presently, weekly or monthly reminder is available within the app.
  • The contacts that will be taken back up can be saved as vCard (VCF) file or CSV files. File in any of the above format can be emailed to the specified email address.

Get this app from the App store on iTunes here: My Contacts Backup

  • Once the app is installed, it will be seen as “MC Backup” on the user’s iOS device.
  • Tap on it to launch the app and a screen which shows the total number of contacts in the phone appears.
  • Below the number of contacts, a green button option saying “Backup” will also appear.
  • Tap on the backup button and the app starts to create a backup file of all the contacts. A progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • When the backup file is created, the app will prompt the user to email the file.
  • An email address can be specified by the user in the space asked for the mail address and the file will be sent to that address.
  • the default file format that the contacts are taken back up is the VCF (vCard File). But the user has an option change the file format to CSV.
  • Before tapping on the “Backup” button, tap on the settings option to the bottom right of the screen (the gear shaped button) when the app launches.
  • There, the user can select from either of the two options available for the file format (VCF or CSV).
  • CSV file stores the contacts into an excel sheet and is useful if the user wants to see the contact details in any other device that operates on other than iOS.

The drawback of the app is that, it can backup only upto 500 contacts. For taking back up of contacts that are more than 500 in number, then the app “My contacts Backup Pro” can be used. This is a paid app and is available in the App store on iTunes for $2.

Get My Contacts Backup Pro here: My Contacts Backup Pro

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