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Performing hard reset on a phone clears the entire phone’s data and so taking backup of all the data in the phone like pictures,videos, music, documents, contacts etc is very important. Read the following articles to know how to back up the data of an Android phone before performing a hard rest:
How to backup Android phone data into computer or Google Drive
How to backup Android phone contacts to Gmail
How to save Android phone contacts into SIM card or memory card

After making sure that back up of all the data of the Android phone is taken, the user can proceed to perform hard rest of the phone.

Hard rest of any Android phone can be done in any one of the following three ways:

1. Press Home key -> Menu key, then go to  Settings -> Privacy -> Factory Data Reset.

A warning that says to back up the data appears on the screen.
Click on “Reset phone”, and then click on “Erase Everything”.

2. Press/Tap on Home key -> Menu key, then go to Settings -> SD and Phone Storage -> Factory Data Rest.

A warning that says to back up the data appears on the screen.
Click on “Reset phone”, and then click on “Erase Everything”.

3.If the Android phone operates on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or above, go to the Home-> Menu, tap on “Settings”. In the settings menu, select “Back up and Reset” option. Then tap on “Factory data Reset” -> “Reset Device” -> “Delete All”.

After any one of the above methods is done, the phone will switch off  first and then it switches on by itself after the reset is complete. This may take a few minutes.

NOTE: After the hard rest is completed on the Android phone, do not install the apps that were previously being used on the phone. Operate the phone without any apps installed for two or three days and if everything on the phone works fine, then install the apps one by one.

That is, install an app, try it and if the phone works fine even after the installation of that app, then it is OK and so install another app. But if the phone starts having problems after a particular app is installed, then it is sure that the app is the reason for the problem in the phone. So immediately uninstall that app and never use it again in the phone.

Hard rest on a phone can also be done by pressing a combination of keys (usually the power button, volume buttons and home button keys) and these combinations depend on the model of the phone. These will be given in the later posts.

Saving Android phone’s data into the memory card will be discussed in the next post.

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