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Before performing a hard rest on Android phone, steps to take backup of the data in the phone have been given in the previous post: How to backup Android phone.

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In this post, methods of saving contacts from the Android phone are discussed.

Backup of contacts from the Android phone to Gmail:

  • In Android phones, it is an advantage to have the user’s Gmail account in sync with the phone so that it helps in saving contacts of the phone.
  • On the Android phone, go to Settings->Accounts. Under Accounts, it will  show the list of accounts that have been sync to the device.
  • In that list, look for the Gmail account that is used to sync to the phone.
  •  If the user has not added any Gmail account to the phone before, the following steps tell how to add Gmail account to an Android device:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap on “Accounts & Sync” and then tap on “Add Account”
    3. Tap on “Google”
    4. Tap on “Existing” to add an existing account i.e., the account that the user currently uses.
    5. Type the full address of the Gmail account.
    6. Type the password and tap on right arrow to sign-in.
    7. After a couple of screens appear, then the Gmail is added to the device and the Gmail app is ready to use.
  • Many users forget what Gmail account they used to sync their phone. So its better to note it down.
  • After tapping on the Gmail account, the options like  “sync contacts”, “sync calender”, “sync Google” etc should appear.
  • In most of the phones, there will be a “Sync Now” option. Tap on that to sync all the information to the Gmail account.
  • If there isn’t a “Sync Now” option or if the user wants to sync only the contacts, then tap on “Sync Contacts” option and then the contacts of the phone will be saved in the user’s Gmail account.

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