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Taking back up of a mobile phone is advantageous any time. Knowing how to take back up of the data in one’s phone comes handy at the time when a hard reset is to be performed on the device.

Since performing a hard rest or a factory reset on a phone erases all the data on the phone, it is important to take back up of the phone’s data. By doing so, the back up information can be again transferred into the phone again.

How to perform hard rest on Android phone is given here: Hard reset Android

In this post, how to take back up of the data in any Android phone is given:

Back up the data of the phone into a computer:

  • Connect the Android phone to the computer. The computer should then recognize the phone and it would give a set of options. From them, choose “Open folders to view files”.
    If the computer does not give any set of options automatically, then go to my computer, double click on the phone name and open to see the files in it.
  • In the folders of the phone, the user should select the one that has to be taken back up. Fir example, DCIM is the one that contains all pictures. So if the user has to take back up of all the pictures in the phone, then copy that folder and paste it in a drive of the computer to store it.
    Open the copied folder in the computer and cross check to see if all the files are transferred or not.
  • In this way, transfer the remaining folders like music, videos,  of the phone that need to be taken back up.
  • After every thing on the phone is transferred, go to “My Computer” in the computer, right click on the name of the “connected phone”, select “safely remove” option and unplug the phone from the computer.

Back up Android phone data into Google Drive:

  • Go to Google Play and search for “Google Drive”. This is the app created by Google and it will be the first in the results page.
  • Download and install the Google Drive app in the Android phone.
  • Once the installation is complete, Google Drive gives the user 5GB of free space.
  • Then, to copy pictures from the phone, go to the gallery , tap on the menu-> tap on Share -> then tap on Share to Drive. All the pictures in the phone will be shared to Google Drive.
  • In the same way, copy the rest of the files and data from the phone to Google Drive.
  • It is best to connect to a Wi-Fi to back up into Google Drive  than using mobile data connection.

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