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Sometimes, when the camera in Android phone is opened to take a picture or to record a video, a blank screen appears. This is not the most frequent problem  in Android phones, but there is a chance for it to occur in some of the Android phones.

This problem can be software  or hardware related. If it is software related, then the user has better chances of fixing it by himself. This post will give some possible solutions to work out this camera problem in Android phones.

  • Switch off the Android phone, wait for a few seconds and then switch it on again. This is the basic step to be followed in case of any problem as this can fix minor software issues in the phone.
  • While the phone is still on, without switching it off, pull out the battery of the phone. This acts a type of soft reset for the phone and will help in solving minor software problems.Some phones do not come with a battery that can be removed. In such cases, skip this step and go for the next.
  • If there are any third party camera apps installed in the Android phone, uninstall them. This is because, sometimes the phone might have an update for its software but the app may not be compatible with the software update and so it can result with this problem.
  • If  the third party camera apps are removed or if the phone does not have any apps similar to that, then try to think of the last app used on the phone or the latest app that is installed in the phone during the time this camera problem occurred.Any app could be the cause of this problem. So remove any recently installed apps or recently updated apps.
  • After uninstalling the doubtful apps, then restart the phone again and check if the problem persists.
  • If the problem is still not solved, then head to perform a hard reset of the phone. This requires taking back up of all the data in the phone like images, music, videos, contacts etc., to avoid any data loss.

The methods to perform a hard rest on any Android phone will be given in the next post with every detail.

  • If the problem still persists with the hard rest done, then the it should be hardware problem. Contact the nearest qualified technician and get the problem solved.

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