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The popular messaging service, WhatsApp has released its latest update for its users on Android.This latest version 2.11.230 update of WhatsApp is not available yet on Google Play. Once it is available in Google Play, we will update it here. Users can download the latest update for their Android devices on the WhatsApp website.

This latest update on WhatsApp for Android focuses on the group notifications and image sharing options. The update offers the following features:

  • Till now, the user can mute any WhatsApp group for a period of 8 hours, 1 day or 1 week. Now, with this update, this “mute” time has been extended to 1 month, 1 year and till 1 century.
  • When the group is muted, users have been receiving silent notifications from it. But now, users have the flexibility of enabling the option of deactivating the notifications from the group completely.
    To do so, just un-tick the “Show Notifications” box in the muting options.
  • Previously, users would have to go to attachments option and then select the camera option for sharing which is somewhat a tiresome process.Now, a new camera icon will be displayed beside the voice-message icon( mike icon) in the typing space. By tapping on this camera icon, users can go straight to the phone’s camera option. This makes sharing through WhatsApp a much easier process.

In March 2014, WhatsApp released its update version 2.11.186 for Android devices  which focused on the privacy settings of the user. This update of WhatsApp can be installed from Google Play. Once the update 2.11.186 is installed, the app provides the following features:

whatsapp privacy

  • The option of customizing who can be able to see the “last seen” notification, profile photo and status update of the user is added.
  • The update 2.11.186  has now provided an option to share or save the profile photo or the group icon.
  • For devices running on Android 3.0 or higher, this update adds the feature of showing the unread messages on the home screen.
  • This update also fixed bugs in some devices like Samsung Galaxy note 3 where the volume of voice recording had a problem.
  • For Sony Xperia phones running on Android 4.1 or higher, this update enabled Hindi language support.

WhatsApp for Android can be downloaded here: WhatsApp for Android

Install the 2.11.186 update from Google Play here: Install

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