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The procedure of updating the Windows Phone 8, some of the error codes encountered by the users and the tips to solve them while updating Windows Phone 8 have been given in the previous posts.

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Windows Phone update

Windows Phone error codes

  • Error code: 801882cb
    It indicates that the phone is having a problem while connecting to the internet.
    Ensure that the phone has an uninterrupted connection to the Internet.
  • Error code: 801881d0, 8018822a, 80072f30, 80072ee7, 80072ee2, 80072efd 80072f76, 80072efe
    This error occurs if there is any temporary disconnection to the internet during the update.
    Check if the Phone is connected to the internet or try again. It’s best to connect using Wi-Fi rather than using mobile internet data.

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  • Error code: 80188d1, 80188d2
    This error code implies that there was some error during the installation of the update.
    This error code can be solved by restarting the phone and installing the update again.

If anybody encounters an error code that is not given in the list of error codes given in this post or the previous post, then it should be understood that Microsoft is working on that code and there is no possible solution for the user to follow at present.

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