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Procedure on how to update the Windows Phone 8 has been given in the previous post. If you haven’t read it, click here : Windows Phone Update

Sometimes, when updating  Windows phone, users encounter some problems, like the  messages that pop up on the screen of Windows Phone while updating are called the error codes like 801881cd, 80188264, 80188265, 801882cb, 801881d0, 8018822a, 80072f30, 80072ee7, 80072ee2, 80072efd 80072f76, 80072efe,80188d1, 80188d2. The meaning of these codes and the tips to solve these errors are given in this post.

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting of the problem, first go through the following tips to make the updating procedure easy:

  • If the phone says “Battery Low” during the installation of an update, connect the phone to the charger and do not disconnect it until the installation completes (wise idea is to have the phone fully charged before starting the installation of any update).
  • Most of the errors are temporary. By trying to install the update again, the error may not repeat itself.
  • Remove some of the apps or files which are not necessary, so that some space can be made available to the update when the phone memory seems to be occupied to a large extent.

The following are some of the error codes and their possible solutions:

  • Error code: 801881cd
    This  means that there is not enough space in the phone to install the update.
    Remove some media files like videos, music and photos to make space for the update. Some of the unused apps can also be uninstalled which gives enough space for installation. By connecting the phone to the computer, the media files can be moved into the computer so that they serve as back up.
  • Error code: 80188264 or 80188265
    This error occurs if the user’s mobile internet connection does not allow to download the update.
    The best possible way to solve this problem is to connect the Windows Phone to a Wi-Fi connection and then download the update.

    • To connect the Windows Phone to a Wi-Fi network, swipe the home screen to the left and go to the App list.
    • In the App List, go to “Settings” -> “Wi-Fi” and swipe the Wi-Fi option to the right side to turn the Wi-Fi on.
    • When the Wi-Fi of the phone is “On”, the phone will search for available Wi-Fi networks in its range and display them on the screen. Tap on the network to be connected.
    • If the network is secured, the phone prompts the user to enter the password. Enter the password and then tap on “Done”.


NOTE: More error codes that users encounter while updating Windows Phone 8 are given in the next post.
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