Besides using ringtones that are provided on Android phone by default, users can customize their ringtones. This is nothing but they can create their own ringtones and add them to their android ringtones folder. The Android app named “Ringdroid”  helps Android users to accomplish this. This is an app available on Google Play and users can download and install this on their Android devices for free.

Once Ringdroid is installed on the Android device, this app lets users to customize the audio of their choice and add it to the phone’s ringtone folder.

Using this app, alarm notification tones can also be added to the phone’s existing notification tones.

Apart from customizing any audio files and adding them as ringtones, users can record a new audio and add it as ringtone.

This application is ad-free and hence the user will not be annoyed with the advertisements popping up in between.

To install Ringdroid, click here: Install

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