scrren rotate nokia 1600,2310,1110

When ever the image on screen is rotated of Nokia 1600, 2310, 2600 etc DCT-4 phones, by typing a code on the keypad of phone, the screen can be bring back to normal position. This code can be tested on most of the DCT-4 (Digital core technology 4th generation) phones. One need not to worry for executing this code, because it’s just de bugging code which will not effect the main software (firm ware) of the phone. If the code is accepted by software of phone, the change will appear on the screen. So this code can be tried on most of the DCT-4 Nokia phones. This tip is useful when the Screen of the phone is reversed.

  • Type *#5511# will bring the screen to normal position
  • Type *#5512# to turn the screen right.
  • Type *#5513# to  turn the screen to up side down (vertically inverted).
  • Type *#5514#  to turn the screen to left.

Check these codes on any of the above mentioned Nokia phones.

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