When a mobile phone user wants to shift  from any old phone to a new phone, the major priority is given to the transfer of contacts from the old phone to the new phone. In this post, it is discussed about how to transfer contacts to a Windows phone.

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If the old phone uses a SIM card which is the same type of Windows mobile, to store the contacts, then it can be inserted into the windows phone directly to import the contacts. If the old phone and the windows phone both require the same microSIM card, then there arises no problem in inserting the SIM. But if the phones differ in the sizes of SIM used, then the user have to contact a cell phone technician, to cut the big sized SIM card to micro SIM size, which will be done with the help of SIM cutter tool. This SIM resizing process has to be done in iPhone, Smart phones etc.. if the old SIM and new SIM are not in the same size. Although this SIM cutter tool is not costlier, it will not be in use regularly, Better get this work done by a cell phone technician.

When contacts are imported into the Windows phone from a SIM card, they are automatically updated to the user’s Microsoft account on the phone and they will not be deleted from the SIM card as well. If the Windows Phone user has not set up any Microsoft account yet, then the contacts will be saved to the phone’s memory. Later, when the user sets up a Microsoft account, then the contacts that are already saved in the phone memory will be automatically imported to the Microsoft account.

To import contacts from a SIM card:

  1. Put the SIM card of the old phone that contains contacts into the Windows Phone.
  2. Tap on the start button (the Windows  symbol ), and then tap on People  option .
  3. Tap on More options . Then tap on Settings.
  4. Tap on Import SIM contacts options, and then  chose one from the following:
  • To import all the contacts saved on the SIM card, tap on Import.
  • To import only selected contacts, tap on clear. Then select the contacts that are to be added into the phone and tap on Import.To import SIM contacts individually, the Windows phone must be running on Windows Phone software version 8.0.10211.204 or above.
    Steps on how to install updates for a Windows phone will be given in the later posts.


  • If the option “Import SIM contacts” seems to be dimmed, it implies that the import process is already in progress or that the SIM does not have any contacts to be imported.
  • Contacts from a SIM card can be saved to the Windows Phone but the contacts in a WIndows Phone cannot be saved onto a SIM card.

The aspects of switch over from any other phone like an Android phone or an iPhone to a Windows phone ( aspects like transfer of music, docs, videos, images, calender, syncing email etc) would be given in the coming posts.

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