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The problems encountered by the Android users while connecting their phones to the computer and the solutions are given in this post. Connecting Android phones to windows OS via USB cable is not always successful. Users often encounter problems like file transfer problem or device managing problem.

The most common problems when Android phone is connected to computer through USB cable are:

  • The Android phone is not recognized by the computer.
  • The phone gets recognized by the computer but phone storage not showing up on computer.
  • PC suite installation failed for the android phone.
  • Android phone freezes when connected to computer.

The solutions for all the aforementioned problems are discussed below:

  1. Check the USB cable first. By connecting any other compatible phone to the computer with the same USB cable, it can be decided if the USB cable is OK or not.
  2. Restart the phone and the computer. Then connect again to see if the problem is repeated. This is done because if the Android phone is being used since a long time without restarting, it may get overloaded.
  3. Check if there are any available updates to the Android phone. Go to Settings -> About -> Software updates and tap on Check Now. If there are any new updates available, then install them.
  4. Check for any new updates on the computer. If there are any new updates available for the computer’s OS, install them. But it is advised not to install many updates at the same time.
  5. If nothing of the above solutions work, then debug mode can be used in the phone.

This mode allows the users to directly access the phone, transfer all the apps and even install them but all this happen without any notification. Because this debug mode is for development and testing functions. To enter into debug mode, follow the path: Settings -> Developer options -> check USB debugging.

After the phone enters into debug mode, then connect the Android phone to the computer.

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