Most of the Samsung old featured phones which were operating with Samsung stand alone operating system can be reset with a master code when the phones are facing the following problems:

  • Phone hanging
  • Gallery problems
  • Phone switching off automatically
  • If Security code is unknown and to reset the phone to factory reset options

For all the above mentioned problems, this master code or also called as full reset code can be applied.

When ever this code is executed, the phone data which includes phone book data, personal data like images, videos etc.. will be erased totally. So be careful and try to take back up of personal data if possible before executing this code.

Type *2767*3855# on the keypad of the phone. The phone switches off and on again, all the settings will be restored to factory reset options and the phone will be fresh like when it came out from factory.

Note: Remember the whole data in the phone will be lost when this code is executed..

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