Previously, scanning with a Windows Phone using the app “Office Lens” has been discussed. If you haven’t read it, read it here : Scan with Windows Phone


In this post, the details of new application of iPhone “Scanbot” which allows users to scan “paper documents, business cards, receipts, notes, whiteboards or post-its” are given. Scanbot then creates high quality PDFs or JPEGs of the documents that are scanned.

  • To scan using Scanbot, the iPhone uses the phone’s camera. Users have to point the camera display at the document that is to be scanned. If the phone is too far from the document, the phone will display a message “Move closer”.
  • If the phone is kept at a different angle from the document, the phone will display “perspective” which means that the user has to move the iPhone above the document.
  • Then, when Scanbot recognizes that all the requirements to scan are met, it displays “Don’t Move” and then the iPhone clicks a picture of the document to be scanned.
  • All the above process is done without the requirement of the user touching the iPhone screen i.e. once when the Scanbot application is opened and is focussed at a document, the app automatically does this all.
  • The document that is scanned is named with the time and the date it is scanned by default. But if one wishes to name the document, name entry field is available and by tapping on it, the document can be named.
  • Then the scanned document is given to the user in a clean PDF format.
  • This can be sent to a cloud service like, Dropbox, Evernote, Yandex.Disk, One Drive etc..or can be stored locally in the iPhone
  • The user can automatically set the Scanbot app to upload the scanned documents to the cloud services once and when the scanning is completed.
  • If one wishes to save the document in a JPEG format, it can be selected in the options available.
  • If a document with more that one page (multi-page) has to be scanned, then “Add Link” link has to be tapped in Scanbot and then it saves all those pages together as one PDF.
  • Photos taken with iPhone camera previously can be processed with Scanbot to turn them into even shaped PDFs.
  • The scans made through Scanbot can be edited tapping on “edit” and through this, Scanbot allows the user to highlight the PDF and also add comments to the PDF.

Check out the screenshots of Scanbot given below. Click on the pictures to have a clear view:

Scanbot options scanbotcloud scanbotscreenshot

Get Scanbot here

NOTE: Scanbot is available for iOS 7 or higher. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is optimized for iPhone 5. It is available for USD $0.99.

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