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Even if it’s a new phone or if there is a lot of space available in the phone, sometimes Android phones show the “USB Storage Full” problem.

The most common cases of this problem are:

  • Gallery cannot be accessed on the phone
  • Sometimes the music player won’t work and it displays “storage full”.
  • When the phone is connected to the computer via USB, it does not allow any file transfer.
  • The phone does not allow the user to install any new apps even if there is space available on the phone.

All the above mentioned problems  can be solved by following the procedure given below.


  • First of all, restart the phone and check again to see if the problem persists.
  • Next step would be to clean cache in the phone. This can be done in two ways:

1. To clear cache for the phone at once, use this application:  Android assistant

There are other options also provided by the Android Assistant, those are shown in the screenshot below:

Android assistant options

To install Android Assistant, click here: Install

2. Cache can be cleared for a selected app. For example: to clear cache for gallery, go to  Settings —> Storage –> Phone Storage –> Gallery and under Cache select  Clear cache.

  • To make more space in the Android phone, to Settings >Storage > Phone Storage and select Make more space and then the phone will show what apps can be erased to get more space.
  • Using File manager, it is easy to know what occupies the SD storage. The Android Assistant app has the facility of a File manager too.
  • Moving apps to SD storage helps too. To do this in the Android phone, go to Settings à Apps and select on Phone Storage. Then the phone will display all the apps that are installed and the apps that are in the internal memory will have a “tick” mark beside it.
    To move the app into SD storage, tap on it and the app info window opens. Then select Move.

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