When you lost your blackberry phone, it is possible to trace out its approximate location. Without any third party application’s help, you can trace out where your phone is through the inbuilt “Reporting Enable” option in the phone. Enabling this option before hand is a must to know the location of the phone.

To enable this option:

  • Go to “Blackberry Protect” option from the home screen.
  • By pressing the menu key (the key with Blackberry symbol), a list of options gets opened.
  • In those options, go to “I want this device location to be viewable from the Blackberry Protect” and select this option to tick in its check box.
  • Press the menu key again and save the changes.

Now, if in any case you happen to lost your Blackberry phone:

  • In any of the internet browser, go to blackberry Protect website.
  • Login into the site using your Blackberry credentials.
  • Click on the “View Location” option.
  • Now the Blackberry protect would display the approximate location of your Blackberry phone.

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