Galaxy Note ii

Some messages which come to phone may be important, and if they need to be printed, this process can be done with the help of an application. transfer the sms from phone to computer and getting print of it is explained comprehensively.

To take print out of SMS from Samsung galaxy note 2, it is necessary to first transfer the SMS from the phone to a computer. Once the SMS are transferred from the phone to computer, they can be now printed. This can be done by many applications that are available now-a-days.

These applications also act as a back up for the phone’s SMS so that whenever resetting the phone is required, using these applications, the SMS in the phone can be copied to the computer and they can be restored back to the when the resetting of the phone is completed.

When the SMS are copied from the Samsung galaxy note 2, they are saved in .txt or .csv file format in the computer.

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