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To sync multimedia files between your phone and your PC, it is required to install a free program called Zune software on one’s computer. This Zune software is the official Windows phone software that helps transferring data from/to the windows phone.

The Zune software helps in

  • Organizing the multimedia collection
  • Letting the user choose what to sync to the phone and
  • Allows downloading new stuff from Zune Marketplace.

To sync files between the Windows Phone and computer:

1.Connect your windows phone to the PC using the USB cable that came with your phone.

If the Zune software is installed already on the computer, the program will start automatically. If it isn’t installed on the computer, install the Zune software here: Install Zune

If this is the first time you’ve connected your phone to your PC, follow the instructions in the Zune software which will ask to name your phone and perform other setup tasks.

2.Then to sync multimedia files to the Windows phone, in the Zune software, click Collection.

win mobile sync 1

3.Find the file you want to sync to your phone by doing any of the following:

  • Click a category (select a category from Music, Videos, Pictures), and browse in your computer until you find the item you want to sync with your phone.


  • In the Search box, enter the name of the file that you are looking for. For example if you want to synch a song, then type the name of the song or the album or the artist. Then, in the search results, click the desired item.

4.Now just drag the item to the phone icon in the bottom-left corner of the Zune software.

win mobile sync 2


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