nokia 6600,7610,n70

These NOKIA 6600, 7610,6670,N 70 etc.. are old but so many questions are coming to us, regarding functioning problems in these phones. If Phone hanging, some applications run slow, phone restarting intermittently, and so on problems faced in these phones, just format the phone to overcome  these problems. For this resetting of phone can be done two ways. One is Soft format and the other method is Hard format.

  • Soft Format can be performed by typing a code   *#7370# or *#7780#  on the keypad. Phone asks for security code. if the code is not changed before type 12345 which is the default security code for NOKIA phones.Now the  phone switches off and on immediately. now you are free from above mentioned problems. If the security code is changed by you and can’t remember it, Try  to perform HARD FORMAT.
  • The HARD FORMAT can be done by this way. Switch off the phone. Hold   *,3,call (green key) keys and switch on the phone. When white light is visible, just leave the power key and still hold those *,3,call keys until  “formatting” message displays. When “formatting” message appears leave those  3 keys. A progressive bar appears on the display screen, When it reaches to end the phone restarts automatically. Now the above mentioned problems will be solved.
  • Take backup of phone memory before performing this format method. Because the memory will be erased with this formatting.
  • Ensure that the battery is with full power, because the formatting  process should not stop in between.

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