Microsoft has recently announced “Office Lens” ,its scanning app for the Windows Phone. Office Lens basically behaves as a portable scanner. Scanning through Office Lens is nothing but taking pictures of the document one wants to scan, through their Windows phone. Microsoft has mentioned that that this Office Lens can be used to scan anything like “business cards, restaurant menus, and notes on whiteboards or blackboards”.


When one wants to scan something using Office Lens, after opening the Office Lens app, first they need to capture an image of it through the camera of their Windows phone. Then Office Lens will make changes to the scanned image and present it  in a more readable manner by applying its enhancing effects. It will straighten any cross angles and remove any shadows present in the image. By applying all these effects automatically, it will produce  a neatly scanned document image.

The following pictures give an illustration of how a document to be scanned is modified by Office Lens.

onelens doc

These images (both the original and the modified) will be saved to your phone’s camera roll and will directly be saved to Microsoft OneNote and then through OneDrive, these images get saved into all the devices that are synched with the Windows Phone.

This is how you can capture a white board or black board notes and scan it through Office Lens:

onelens board

If something that is scanned has printed text, OneNote on a PC has optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize text within the images your scan in with Office Lens. The flexibility of this is, it allows searching for words within those images and provides the feature of editing the text, or copy and paste it into email and documents.

Install Office Lens for Windows phone here: Install

For a brief description of what Office Lens can provide, watch this video.

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