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If the installed application is not working due to the driver of that application  is corrupted accidentally or virus affected, unexpected changes might happen to your computer. These changes may result in unusual behavior of you computer or may even make Windows behave unpredictably.If this type of problem occurs, uninstalling the program or the driver that caused this error might help fixing the problem. But sometimes,  if the drivers for that application not available or doesn’t have the back up of that drivers in that case, restoring your computer to an older date is a better option. System restore is nothing but restoring your computer to an earlier date when everything on your computer worked correctly.

System Restore lets us undo the changes to the computer’s operating system and restores it to  a point where your computer had worked perfectly alright. It doesn’t affect any documents or personal files.It works as a great solution if a program you downloaded or installed doesn’t work properly, and you can’t uninstall it or get back to where you were before.

System restore cannot get back any deleted or damaged personal files so you cant opt for restoring your PC when you want a deleted file back.

A feature called system protection is used by System Restore.This regularly creates and saves restore points on your computer. These restore points contain information about registry settings and other system information that Windows uses. You can also create restore points manually.

To perform system restore in Windows XP:

Before you start system restore , save any unsaved files and close all the running programs on your computer.

  • Click the Start button. Go to All programs -> Accessories -> System tools and select System Restore in the list of options.
  • You could select system restore option from the control panel as well. Go to Start -> Control Panel-> Performance and Maintenance and to the extreme left of the window, you will find System Restore option.Click on that.
  • Then a System restore window appears in which you should select the “Restore my system to an earlier time” option.
  • Then you would be asked to select a date among the list of calender dates given so that the system would restore to the settings of that date.

The date that is to be selected appears in bold format indicating that your computer has created restore points at those dates.You will be able to select one among those dates only.

  • Click on “Next” where you would be asked to confirm the restore point and then click next to perform the system restore.

It takes a while for your computer to complete the process and restore its settings to an earlier state.

Take a look at the screenshots given below to have a clear idea about how to perform a system restore on Windows XP.

system restoresystem restore1


















system restore2

system restore confirm

NOTE: Performing System restore in windows 7 and 8 would be followed in the later posts.

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