dendroid virus

An alert is issued by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT-In) to all the Android smartphone users about the dangerous “Dendroid” virus. This virus is of the trojan family, which when infected to the Android smartphone, can “completely compromise” it and allows the attacker to control the Android smartphone remotely.

A malicious toolkit called Dendroid is being used to create this trojanised application and the toolkit is used to control this malware as well. This trojanised malware infects the Android OS-based smartphones.This malware is created by modifying the permissions that are required by any clean(virus free) Android Package File(APK) with Dendroid RAT(Remote Access Trojan) functionality which as a result, allows detailed and easy management of the attacked devices.

Once this virus is activated, it could change the command and can control the server of  the infected Android phone.It also performs many dangerous activities on the infected device.The results of this “attack toolkit” are:

  • delete the call logs
  • open web pages
  • dial any number
  • record calls and audio
  • intercept SMS
  • upload video and images to remote location and
  • open any application

All the users of Android smartphones are hence advised to be careful by following the steps:

  • Do not download and install applications from untrusted sources
  • install the applications downloaded from reputed application market only(mostly Google Apps)
  • run a full system scan on device with mobile security solution or mobile antivirus solution
  • check for the permissions required by an application before installing.
  • while visiting trusted/untrusted sites for clicking links, crosscheck with other forums’ trusty comments
  • install latest Android updates and patches as and when available from Android device vendors
  • it is advisable to use device encryption or encrypting external SD card feature available with most of the Android OS
  • wise advise to keep an eye on data usage (application-wise usage also) and unusual increase in mobile bills and keep an eye on device battery usage (application-wise usage also).
  • Be careful while using unknown Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi access points at public places may distribute malicious applications which can take backup of Android device.


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