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Sometimes Internet Explorer stops responding on your computer.This may be due to various other background applications that are simultaneously running,that may slow down the computer.System hardware may also be a cause for this problem but this occurs very rarely.

But if the Internet explorer stops responding continuously, the fixing method differs based on the operating system you use in your computer.Follow the comprehensive methodology given under:

For users of Windows XP :

  • Resetting IE settings will most likely help you.  To reset IE settings,right click the Internet Explorer icon and go to Internet Properties.Go to the advanced tab at the top.Click the reset button.
  • This usually helps but before you try doing that, you may as well try running IE with no add-ons. Most of the time add-ons will be the culprit for IE to stop responding.
  • To remove add-ons in IE, Click the  Start button, click All Programs, click Accessories, click System Tools, and then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

For Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8:

If you have encountered this problem for the first time, try restarting IE.This may help.But if the problem occurs repeatedly,then follow the given steps:

  • Install the latest windows updates
  • Run antivirus program on your computer
  • Update your anti-virus program
  • Delete temporary internet files
  • Check for newly added add-ons as these may be cause for your IE to stop responding.

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