Sometimes,our computer restarts again and again automatically.This Problem is discussed in this post…
When this problem arises, first you need to check some parameters..

i)Make sure your RAM is OK
ii)Sometimes,excessive production of heat in the CPU of the computer also leads to this problem.
iii)See that all power cables are connected properly without any loose connections.Sufficiency of power supply also needs to be checked in case of some new hardware that you installed. for ex: a new graphics card.It could be that the power supply is faulty. But this a rare possibility.

If problem is with (i),try to re-seat the RAM by taking it out and putting it back. If this doesn’t help you might have to change your RAM.
If you notice problem with (ii), then immediately shutdown and unplug your computer, clean out the fans, and see that all fans are working when you turn on your computer the next time.
Other possibility is, if your computer is very old, then problem might as well be with the CMOS battery so better to change it and check once again.

Corrupt or problematic Windows files should usually give a Blue Screen. But by default, Windows is set to automatic restart on such an error and hence we do not have a chance to notice it. So, to troubleshoot your problem, turn automatic restart off.  If you do this,the computer will not restart by itself.It will show you a blue screen with an error.This is usually called Blue Screen Of Death(BSOD).

You can do this in two different ways.  The first way is :

  • restart computer
  • keep pressing F8 for advanced menu
  • scroll down until you find : “disable automatic restart in system failure”
  •  highlight this and then press enter

computer restart

The second way differs based on the operating system you use in your computer.
For users of XP:

  • click on start key + Pause/Break key simultaneously (at the same time).
  • click on advanced tab.
  • under startup and Recovery, click on settings.
  • under system failure, uncheck automatically restart.
  •  make sure the option to write to system log is marked.
  • click on OK and then again on OK

For users of windows 7/vista:

  • click on start key + Pause/break key
  • on left hand column, click on Advances system settings
  • enter administrator password if needed
  • under startup and recovery click on settings
  • under system failure, uncheck automatically restart

Once you do the steps above, then instead of restarting automatically, your computer gives you a blue screen error(BSOD). This BSOD gives a note of the error you are getting.Based on the error you recieved, it would be easy to fix the cause of the error.

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