To set a separate ringtone for a contact in the Karbonn KC555 mobile phone, you first need to check whether the contacts in your phone are saved in sim memory or phone memory. If the contacts are saved in sim memory, then your phone does not give you options to set a separate ring tone to a particular contact.

So, to set a separate ring tone for a particular contact number, first move/copy that number from your sim memory to the phone memory.To do this, go to contacts, go to the number you want to transfer from sim memory to phone memory and then select settings at that number.select “copy to phone” option and then that contact number will be copied to your phone memory.

Now go the contact that is saved in the phone memory and select “edit”. A list of options open up and in those, select the option “set a ring tone” and then select a ringtone.Now, that ringtone is set separately only for that contact number.

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