Sometimes, in Samsung Galaxy S duos, when we try to open the images from gallery ,it  may notify us  as “corrupted file/image”. Even if we clicked a picture and then saved it to gallery, this problem may arise whenever we open the phone’s gallery to see that picture again.

Whenever you come across such a problem hereafter, do not feel bad that you have lost your photos. Because this corrupted image problem can be fixed. To solve this problem, first check if your phone has any recent software updates.

Go to Settings->About->Software updates. Click on “Check Now” and then if you find any new updates then update your phone to them.

Now go to the phone’s gallery and  see if the same corrupted images problem repeats or not.If it still shows the same error, then do the following in your phone:

Go to Settings->Apps->All->Gallery and then select Clear Cache.

Once the cache in your phone’s gallery is cleared, this corrupted image error does not get repeated.

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