We come across situations when we lose files/data like photos, documents,videos etc., from our computer. Sometimes, we accidentally delete important data and sometimes our computer may get crashed! In that situations, do not panic.Because we can use a recovery tool “Recuva”  and this helps us to get the data that we lost, back into our computer. I came across this software among the many data recovery applications.Recuva is the one which serves most of the purposes.


When we search for a file or some other data in our computer,usually the Operating systems (including Windows) do not search the entire drive but it  looks into an index (that is generally hidden) on hard drives or any other external data storage equipment like USB drives, and memory cards.This is done to make the process faster.The problem arises when this particular index gets damaged.then, the operating system can not find the files we requested anymore.

Instead of searching only the index like Windows, Recuva  goes through all the parts of the drive to help locate our lost files. If a drive’s index has been damaged, chances are other parts of the drive may have been damaged too.While running Recuva, it will show us the list of files it found on the drive that is being scanned, and gives us the probability of recovering those files.

Similarly, when a drive is formatted, Windows erases only the index but not those files completely. So there is a chance of recovering the files.But this chance exists only until we do not overwrite new data in the place of the files we deleted.

With the help of recuva, we can:

  • Recover deleted data from our computer
  • Recover data from any damaged or formatted disks
  • Recover deleted emails
  • Save a copy of files that are to be deleted permanently
  • Recover deleted music files from ipod
  • Perform a fast scan

Link: Download Recuva here

In the coming posts,for the help of users using Recuva, the screen shots of recovering deleted data from a computer will be provided..

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