battery v and c

Mobile phone battery related problems are discussed in the previous post. If you haven’t checked them,head to this link..

Know your cell phone battery status

Here are some more…

The mobile phone is working OK (it is switching on and running OK in standby mode). Standby mode is nothing but , the phone is on and ready to receive & send calls.

If Mobile phone is switching off when entered into call mode (A call sending or receiving mode is called call mode), suspect the battery first, because the battery may not be having  sufficient current when the phone enters  into call mode. While in call mode,the circuit board draws more current than in sleep mode. Typically in sleep mode,the mobile phone current drawing is @ 10mah (Milli ampere  hour) , but when the phone enters into call mode the phone draws @300mah from the battery in most of the  mobile phones.

Check the mobile phone with another similar battery or compatible battery and confirm. Compatible battery means , a battery with same pinning and nearer current capacity(which is printed on the battery) can be used. If the mobile phone is OK with another battery, the battery of the mobile is faulty.

If the problem is same,even after checking with another battery, the problem will be on circuit board, probably the Power amplifier (P.A.) section is faulty. This has to be checked with a qualified mobile technician.

Types of batteries used in mobile phones will be discussed in the next post…..