samsung galaxy s2 image

Whenever  your Samsung i9100 galaxy 2 is frozen (hang), reset it with a hard reset method.

Back up of data is not so easy in this case. Remove sim and sd card before attempting this hard format method.


  • Power of the phone.
  • Hold  volume up + home + power  as shown in the picture ( first hold volume up+ home button and now press the power button (which is located on the right side top portion of phone)).
  • Release these three buttons when Samsung galaxy logo appears. After few seconds,
  •  Boot menu opens.
  • Scroll the menu with volume down button to “wipe/data factory reset” option.
  • Select this option with just pressing power button once.
  • A confirmation menu opens, Scroll the menu with volume down button  to “yes” option
  • Click “power” button once. After few seconds,
  • “Reboot”  option appears.
  • Press power button once again.
  • Phone switches off and on again, Samsung logo appears. Phone stays on Samsung logo for some time. Wait till home screen appears ( may take few minutes).

Now, the phone is ready ……