battery indicator1

All the batteries used in cell phones are rechargeable. Every battery will have a life (certain cycles) which will be mentioned by the manufacturer. A cycle implies charge and discharge of the battery once.

1)      If the battery indicator on the cell phone display shows full, yet “battery low” indication appears on the cell phone display after 1 or 2 calls, suspect battery, as this occurs because of low current in the battery due to consumption of most cycles.

2)      If the problem is same with new battery, suspect the circuit board of the cell phone which draws more current from battery than it actually has to. This could be due to water damaged handset, or some area of the circuit board that is short circuited. In such case, CONTACT  TECHNICIAN.

3)      If the battery is swollen, change it immediately, because the talk time and standby time will be reduced drastically.

4)      For low talk time or stand by time check the battery connector’s physical appearance: if it is black (carbon formed) or rusted ( greenish fungus ) clean the connector copper contacts with a pencil eraser. Because of this rust the hand set draws more current (power) from the battery than it is supposed to. Also,change the battery and check.

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