1)The iPhone 5 lets users record video and take a photo without stopping. This feature is only available on the iPhone 5, and it doesn’t take a full resolution photo, but it is great for capturing a special moment in video and photo. While taking video, tap on the small camera icon in the upper right.
2) The iPhone 5 doesn’t add a notification LED, but it is possiindexble to use the camera flash as an improvised notification alert.
tap on settings->general-> accessibility->LED flash for alerts->on to enable this feature.
3)if you  want to know exactly how much iPhone 5 battery life they have left can turn on battery percent, which will place a small battery percentage indicator in the upper right.
settings->general->usage->scroll down->toggle battery percentage on
4)Hold the home button for two seconds to start Siri and then say, “Open App Name” and Siri will open the app.
5) using headphones, to:
launch siri – hold for about two seconds
pause music – 1 tap
skip a music track – 2 taps
remote shutter – i tap of volume up while the camera is open